Art of the New Era in Hong Kong


New Arts on the Block


Experience an unprecedented era of art!

Join the rising street-culture artists who

have taken over art scenes and the stunning

lineup for K Art, marking the

beginning of a global expedition.


We would like to invite you to

explore the innovative artistic direction of

urban society in Hong Kong, a dynamic

melting pot of cultures and

a prominent art hub in Asia. 





K11, Future Figments

Online store release


Entries for <Future Figments> in Hong Kong 

will be available for viewing and

purchase online at Printbakery. 






Art toy & Character

The authentic marvels of

Korean artists lie on the street.


Meet the visionary street cultural icons who

have revolutionized the art scene. 

Each artist has introduced art toys

and creations that reflect contemporary society,

drawing inspiration from familiar

brand images and cultural phenomena. 


The artist is praised by Pharrell Williams,

the first generation of toy artists.


Tobey, named ‘The Toy of the Year’ in 2017,

is renowned for its strong art toy fanbase.



Rudyindahouse is pioneering a new art

form by deconstructing sneakers.



Kim Jungyoun

Kim Jung-Yoon is internationally recognized

for his artworks inspired by Slam Dunk.





Original Painting

The perfect lineup to

kick off a world expedition


We present a curated selection of

paintings that transcend the boundaries of

imagination from the traditional flat screen. 





An artist who has been Loved by global brands

such as Montblanc and Bang & Olufsen



Kwon Hana

A rising star who has gained a huge fanbase

with the character of ‘Nana’



Moon Hyungtae

An artist beloved by the

MZ Generation Collectors



Man Wook

An artist who has led the

art market in recent years


Kim Jihee

An artist who has recently garnered

attention beyond Korea and into Greater

China with colorful and luxurious canvases




An artist who boldly borrows

existing images and transforms

them into new concepts




K11 Cement


K11 Cement is a new multicultural

art space in Hong Kong established by

renowned creators from around the world.

From paintings to illustrations and art toys,

the exhibition aims to represent the city

as art that grows and changes with artists

who embrace a diverse range of formats.